Why ignorance isn’t funny, part 3: Stupid angry people. With guns

The formula’s pretty clear by now.

Wind up the resentment, hype crazy conspiracy theories without any evidence because you know no one’s going to subject them to critical analysis, spew racist dog whistles, and oh, look! Gun-toting idiots storming into pizzerias because they’re convinced there’s a child-trafficking operation being run out of the basement (except that there’s no basement)!

An insurance company advertisement featuring an image of a black man proposing to a white woman triggers a Twitter backlash from trolls complaining about “white genocide.” Seriously, read some of the responses if you want a real treat. Or an emetic.

In Kentucky, Christmas shopping features angry, racist, obscenity-laden harassment. The fun part? Loudmouth white woman thinks most people agree with her. Can’t understand where she got that idea.

In Florida, a white woman is arrested after an incident at a McDonald’s. A black man is targeted with racial slurs and then finds the red dot from a gun’s laser sight on his shoulder as he enters the restaurant.


Ignorance, its close relative racism, and easy access to guns. What could possibly go wrong?

(Not that there’s anything new about this, or that I’m linking this with anything or anyone in particular.)


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