What @cityslikr said about taking a chainsaw to the TTC | #TOpoli

TTC users can conduct the crusade against the cuts themselves. Call, write their councillors, let them know this will not stand. Here’s a list of the Team Ford members on the TTC board who should hear from you first: 

Karen Stintz, TTC chair, Ward 16.

Peter Milczyn, TTC vice-chair, Ward 5.

Vincent Crisanti, Ward 1.

Frank Di Giorgio, Ward 12.

Norm Kelly, Ward 40.

Denzil Minnan-Wong, Ward 34.

Cesar Palacio, Ward 17.

John Parker, Ward 26.

Mayor Ford is using his bully pulpit to ram through these TTC cuts in service (and that’s exactly what they are) as if he needs no input from his city council. That’s only true if half of those on council allow themselves to be steamrolled in that familiar fashion.

That @cityslikr fella is on fire. There’ll be more on this shortly, but in the meantime, he’s got a damn good idea.
Funny how a guy who campaigned on making the TTC an essential service, never mind guaranteeing no service cuts, now wants to go after it with a machete / axe / chainsaw / meat cleaver … well, pick one. The spillover effects ought to be obvious to anyone who thinks this through for more than thirty seconds. So Toronto traffic is a nightmare? So gridlock’s costing us billions of dollars in lost productivity? Hey, I’ve got an idea — why don’t we make it even harder for people and goods to move around, and add god knows how much time, stress and expense to everyone’s commute?
Really, are the mayor and his team taking stupid pills?  Do they think we’re taking them?
And you just can’t help wondering why the rules are different for the cops. Why are policing services untouchable when virtually every other city service is a legitimate target?
This is all part of a larger narrative, but that’s for another post. In the meantime, let’s give @cityslikr his props. Steve Munro, too, while we’re at it.
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