Video: Queen West Art Crawl – celebrating the idea of public space


Times like this, with their depressing talk of “taxpayers” and “efficiencies” and service cuts, call for a recommitment to the notions of citizenship and the public sphere.

Earlier this month, a public park was the setting for a public art show, animated by live music, food, and thousands of people strolling, getting some sun, having conversations, and taking it all in. 

These are the things that make a city livable. This is what makes a community. This is where the public sphere comes from. Citizenship and leadership should be measured by commitment to this, not by empty slogans about gravy trains or finding efficiencies.

Special thanks to Joel Schwartz and Bret Higgins for letting me use their music.

(Yeah, I know, I should have gotten this done sooner, but, well … learning curve … )

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