Video: Occupy Toronto, one month in | #OccupyTO #TOpoli #cdnpoli

[wpvideo 9bYlfk21]

November 15, 2011. Occupy Toronto wins a round in court after the city’s move to evict the camp is put on hold. That evening, Occupiers and supporters gather in solidarity and celebration …

So it’s not that easy to get good visuals at night with an inexpensive camera. Who could have known? 

Either way, I wanted to get this online as soon as I could, because injunction or no, who knows how much longer things will last. No soundtrack, minimal editing, just throwing a few shots together and posting. Whatever it lacks in polish will be outweighed, I hope, by whatever immediacy and authenticity it conveys.

Later on today I’ll try to clean up what I got from the prayer vigil. The video isn’t great but the audio’s worth posting, even though it goes on at some length, if only because Jerry Agar, writing in the Sun (surprise!), apparently thinks the Occupiers are an “evil presence.”

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One Comment

  1. Lorne
    November 16, 2011

    A nicely done video that captures the spirit of the movement, a spirit, I suspect, that will not be easily defeated just because some tents are removed from a particular location. I look forward to the next stage of development in the Occupy Movement.

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