Via @GraphicMatt – The Jarvis vote: What the hell happened? | #TOpoli #bikeTO

Today’s decision does little except increase the speed of automobile traffic, foster a substandard pedestrian realm and prop up Jarvis Street’s mid-century-to-now legacy as the tragic story of a once-great street in perpetual decline.


Matt Elliott’s summary of today’s procedural bullshit is required reading. And his analysis is bang-on in every respect except one: there’s no guarantee that today’s clusterfuck is going to speed up automobile traffic on Jarvis Street. As Pam McConnell observed, removing the bike lanes doesn’t mean you’re getting rid of the cyclists. You’re just making things more dangerous for them.

And given that, cyclists, whose safety clearly isn’t a priority for a majority of councillors, will be justified in taking all reasonable and legal steps to protect themselves — such as taking up the entire lane if they need to.

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