1. John Furr
    June 8, 2013

    Wow, really good article…
    I usually just turn a blind eye to many community groups based on rampant NIMBYisms and expect that they will just erode under the weight of their own corrosive hatred of whatever project that has raised their ire. I trust that the planning process will see through such people so that the best decisions are arrived at an beneficial projects will proceed despite some small opposition.
    However, I do note that NIMBYism is becoming rampant, and groups are fervently springing up to oppose many beneficial projects. The hyperbole and histrionics may be enough to end some projects that should go forward.
    Then there are those projects where it isn’t critical for either side if they proceed or not, but the sheer weight of the NIMBYism makes me root for the developer. Riocan’s application for the former Kromer radio site is just such a case. The whining, hand wringing hysteria over the future of Kensington market is appalling to me. I haven’t seen a good argument yet that convinces me that the market is in any danger, and when I put forward my own arguments as to why the market has nothing to fear I am vehemently attacked on a personal basis.
    Its the exact attitude that you wrote about here that has made me decide to become a proponent and supporter of Riocan’s application, just to tweak the noses ot those people opposed to the project from a purely ideological basis.
    I look forward to reading more of your blog… good stuff.

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