Toronto budget #WTF: Less shouty, more talky | #TOpoli #TObudget


Let’s talk about money. (H/t Daren for the shouty / talky thing.)

In the service of raising the discourse, a public discussion this evening at the Tranzac, Bloor & Brunswick. Featuring John Lorinc, Gord Perks, Alejandra Bravo, Matt Elliott, and a whole bunch of engaged and interesting people.

As smarter people have already pointed out, the continuing circus at city hall shouldn’t keep us from having adult discussions about important things. The budget. Infrastructure. City appointments. Congestion. Gender imbalance. The downtown / suburban divide and how to deal with it.

And yeah, the disclosure thing: like Daren, I’ve sort of been marginally involved in setting it up (if sitting there catatonically, nodding occasionally, and punctuating the silence with odd zombie-like grunts counts as involvement. I’m pretty sure I managed not to drool too much).

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