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OK, so if I understand this, Rob Ford isn’t talking to the Star because according to him, the paper is lying about an incident involving him and a football team he was coaching. And he’s going to cut the Star out of all official communications from the mayor’s office until the Star apologizes.
Petty personal vendetta and inappropriate use of official communications channels aside, the mayor has already established that his relationship with the truth is a little … tenuous. We’ve already seen that when he’s confronted with allegations of stupid, questionable or boorish behaviour on his part, the first thing he does is lie, deny, complain about being the victim of a hatchet job and dig his heels in. Only when the evidence becomes overwhelming does he own up.
There was the time he got drunk and started yelling obscenities at a couple of spectators at a Leaf game. First he said he wasn’t even there.

Then there’s the incident where he allegedly flipped the bird at Ottilie Mason and her daughter when they told him to get off his cellphone while driving. His staff subsequently admitted he was on his cellphone, but he continued to insist that he never made any rude gestures, that and that the whole thing was a misunderstanding.
Whatever that means.

And there’s the question of whether it was dark and whether his daughter was with him and how many times he said “fuck” when Mary Walsh tried to interview him and he called 911, and the continuing nonsense about his campaign-trail guarantee of no service cuts … well, you know where I’m going.
Um … Rob? Dude. Big guy. You’re not exactly on firm ground when you start accusing other people of making stuff up. Do you really want to go down this road?
Maybe try acting like an adult? I’m sure you can do it.
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