THIS is what the Toronto transit fight is all about? REALLY?! #TOpoli – It’s a Remarkk-able life

As a resident of St Clair West, I really resent the presentation of the St Clair streetscape as some kind of second coming of Darfur. Yes, the construction was bungled (largely because of Hydro adding to the scope and a lawsuit by a small number of residents that held up the construction for a year) but I take it every day now and it is fantastic.

If you don’t believe me, look at the hard numbers:


Ridership = up
Wait time between vehicles = down
Trip time = down
Traffic congestion = down

What other metric do you need to prove this was a success?

See also Royson’s column in the Star yesterday.

I’m all for civil discourse and evidence-based decisionmaking and everything, but FFS. Enough is enough. Anyone who keeps flogging this #StClairDisaster meme and subway fetishism isn’t just a moron, but a lying sack of shit as well. And anyone who buys into it is a fool.

And sorry, but it’s not just politics. It’s doing genuine and substantial harm.

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