The Scarborough subway: Zombie, or merely Undead? | #TOpoli

The Scarborough subway: Zombie, or merely Undead? | #TOpoli

It’s the debate that Will Not Die. I tried coining an #ICantBelieveWereDoingThisAgain hashtag, but for some reason it didn’t catch. Then the indispensible John Lorinc wrote about it in Spacing (if you don’t follow him, you really should). And the related debate was on …

  1. @judemacdonald @JohnLorinc @metrolinx All right, let’s get this damn thing settled once and for all. Scarborough subway: Undead or Zombie?
  2. @sol_chrom @judemacdonald @metrolinx Undead. The Front Street Extension, by contrast, was a zombie.
  3. In this Zombie / Undead Scarborough subway debate, we forget the greater threat: the PBR-swilling hipsters of #TrinityBellwoods!
  4. @sol_chrom It’s all connected. The PBR-swilling hipsters are, in fact, the only ones who can kill Zombie Scarborough Subway. #TOpoli
  5. @UrbanPlanJerk @sol_chrom Zombie Hipsters take the subway to Scarborough! (didn’t I see that movie on pay-per-view last year?) #topoli
  6. @papa723 @sol_chrom Most likely. “Zombie Subway & The Hipsters of Horror Invade Scarborough” is a cult classic. #TOpoli
  7. You know, I think we’ve got two potential franchises on our hands here. Seriously, boffo box office. I can’t draw for shite. Anyone wanna do the promo art?

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