The grass debate at #TOCouncil

The grass debate at #TOCouncil

This is what’s known as a fat juicy straight line. A hanging slider right down Broadway. A centring pass to the guy in the slot, goalie on his back … (To be fair, the context is the University of Toronto and whether it should replace the natural grass on its back campus with artificial turf.)

  1. “What are we smoking, are we smoking this grass today?” asks Mammo, who has apparently shaken off his post-surgery zen outlook
  2. “What are we smoking–are we smoking this grass today?” wonders Cllr. Mammoliti, about what he describes as grass preservation at U of T.
  3. “Are we smoking this grass today?” -Mammoliti contributing to the debate as cogently as usual
  4. There it is: Mammoliti says, “what are we smoking here, are we smoking this grass?” Figured someone would try that one. #topoli
  5. Cllr Mammoliti, speaking of this debate, asks if people are smoking grass #topoli
  6. Someone tells Cllr Giorgio Mammoliti to talk about the flagpole. “You know where you can put the flagpole,” Mammoliti says #TOpoli
  7. City Council is discussing the value of grass today. To be clear, the kind that one finds on a field.
  8. #TOpoli When asked if he preferred grass or Astroturf, Joe Namath once said he “had never smoked Astroturf.”

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