The #EthicalOil meme is pathetic PR bullshit | #cdnpoli #tarsands

Yes, I said it, the whole concept is brilliant.
This is a fantastic way to change the debate to an issue that doesn’t really matter. Has anyone seriously thought that we would not be able to sell our oil?
Come on.  This is much ado about nothing. Actually, I’m sure the outrage has more to do with the fact the claim is based on the carbon footprint reasoning than anything else.

@wicary has done yeoman’s work on this already, but in subsequent surfing, I can’t really improve on this.
Really, what’s the EthicalOil meme missing? It’s got it all:

  • manufactured outrage
  • artificial crisis
  • astroturf
  • conveniently swarthy boogeymen that just happen to feed into a parallel Islamophobic narrative

… and of course the gibbering, adolescent “victimhood” of its smirking mouthpieces …
And Canada II knocks it down like a house of cards in just a few short paragraphs.
Here’s an idea for 2012: let’s reclaim public discourse from the gutter into which the Ezra IrreLevants of the world have dragged it.
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