Team Ford to city staff: Keep your expertise to yourself, or else | #TOpoli

The mayor, a champion of car travel, went further on his Sunday Newstalk 1010 radio show, calling McKeown’s $290,000 salary “an embarrassment,” and promising to “look into it.” His brother, Councillor Doug Ford, calling in from Florida, asked: “Why does (McKeown) still have a job?”

Goddamn those smart people with their facts and evidence and experience, anyway.

So Toronto’s medical officer of health floats an idea about reducing speed limits in order to make the streets safer for pedestrians and cyclists. Can’t have that, of course. Silly doctor — streets are for buses, cars, and trucks.

Forget all that facty, evidency, history stuff that Cityslikr’s citing about carcentrism being a relatively recent thing. (And what kind of condescending, elitist-type word is that, anyway?)

What’s Team Ford’s reaction? Can’t have a discussion about it, it’s just nuts nuts nuts. How much are we paying this guy, anyway? Let’s look into that. It’s an embarrassment. Why does this guy still have a job?

Got that, city staff? Zip it, or … well, shame about Gary Webster, innit. 

Perhaps council should take the board of health away from the FoBros. It’s pretty clear that they can’t be trusted not to break things.

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