Sunshine Listing the Fraser Institute | Ottawa Citizen

via Sunshine Listing the Fraser Institute | Ottawa Citizen.
An important post from Glen McGregor. The takeaways:
We’re subsidizing this bullshit machine. Because it’s apparently a “charity,” donations are tax-deductible.
It doesn’t produce academically sound, peer-reviewed research; it belches out propaganda designed to sway public policy on behalf of its “donors” in the oil and drug sectors.
Worst of all: every time it releases one of its bullshit “studies,” the corporate media line up to parrot its talking points like dutiful stenographers. It’s manufactured “news” at its worst. The Fraser Institute could fart and it would be on front pages everywhere.
The Fraser Institute may do a lot of things, but advancing the public good isn’t one of them. To call it a “think tank” is to debase the word “think.”
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