Stonekettle Station: America: You Keep Using That Word???

So, I???m driving into Anchorage this morning.

Along with the usual herd of jackasses who, despite living in Alaska still don???t seem to know how to drive in snow, one vehicle in particular caught my eye.

It was one of those enormous black pickup trucks, with the huge knobby tires and smoked glass windows and chrome roll bar complete with half a dozen giant chrome halogen lights and a ten foot high antenna whipping about in the slipstream  and pipe organ-like exhaust pipes jutting up from behind the cab belching thick plumes of white diesel smoke like the twin contrails of a fighter jet on full afterburner.

The great steel beast wasn???t, in and of itself, unusual for the Glenn Highway at 6AM ??? or even unusual for Alaska in general, where giant manly trucks full of patriotic manly Viagra-fueled studs are quite common.

What caught my eye were the bumper stickers:

Wonderful piece of writing about stupid white Real Americans in big-ass trucks and all the things they hate.

And bonus points for the Princess Bride reference.

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