Shit heads. Wow. Sounds like the same ol’ girl hate to me. Of course I understand the intentions behind this Tumblr. I know the frustration of being lumped into a group. I mean, don’t we all? Isn’t that what this meme is all about, Shit Girls Say? It isn’t Shit Some Girls Say or even Shit Some White Upper-Middle Class Women Say. And while I believe it’s still necessary to remind the world that yes, women are smart, and yes, we talk about lots of different things—I also think it’s wrong to do this at the expense of other women. —Emma Wolley

Well said, Emma. When I started this blog I never thought it’d reach an audience of over 200 followers – and counting. Might be time for a name change. Suggestions, anyone?

(via shit-girls-say)

OK, I think it’s getting clearer which side is right and which is wrong … 

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