Polite racists in denial

Been watching the news lately (I know, I know, I should find another hobby) …
If you’re white, you benefit from racist power structures and racist forms of social organization. And you’ve most likely internalized the underlying racist assumptions to the point where you feel threatened or defensive whenever anyone questions them or makes them explicit. That’s what #WhitePrivilege is. It doesn’t necessarily make you a sheet-wearing, cross-burning caricature, but to the extent that you don’t question or work to dislodge those power structures, you’re helping to perpetuate systemic racism. And that, whether you like it or not, makes you guilty of racism yourself. It’s not surprising at all that a lot of white folks react to this so viscerally, and want to project their discomfort onto others by complaining about activists stirring up racial conflict. But part of being a committed anti-racist is owning your own racism — and doing what you can to overcome it.

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  1. June 9, 2016

    I could not agree more however I think in some cases it’s a more subtle/nuanced, but equally destructive, matter of inherent bias and privilege that are not being acknowledged or discussed but always operating in the background confusing discussions about race and inequality.

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