Open letter to the administrators at ‘Progressive Bloggers’ | @Prog_Blog

I’m sorry to add to the headache, but I’m afraid I must ask you to stop picking up my posts at Progressive Bloggers.

There’s been a lot of heat and intemperate language involved in this, but for me the bottom line is that you can’t entertain the idea of putting women’s reproductive autonomy in issue and still call yourself progressive.

I haven’t read every post and comment on the subject, but it’s hard for me to believe that anyone was calling for the outright ban or censorship of the offending posts. Surely, though, a middle ground could have been established? As I suggested to one of your fellow admins the other day,

a more incremental approach might have worked, one whereby you don’t ban immediately — and I don’t think anyone is seriously calling for that — but simply reiterate that this is a fundamental point of agreement, applicable to every member, and that those who can’t observe it are free to blog elsewhere.

As I’m sure you’re aware, women’s rights are being attacked on a broad front these days. It’s bad enough coming from the likes of Woodworth, but it’s that much worse when it’s enabled by people calling themselves progressive.

I’m quite saddened by this, because it was an honour to be associated with some of the people featured on your site. In an ideal world, this doesn’t have to be a permanent split, but for now, I can’t be part of it. Thanks for your understanding.

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