On Scofflaw Cyclists & Exemplary Motorists (and other urban myths) | #bikeTO #TOpoli


“Amsterdam, girl cycling from A to B, multi-tasking, like so many do” by Amsterdamize / RateMyVelo.com

You have heard it a million times before: Cyclists don’t deserve any respect on our streets until they obey all of the laws. The implicit message in this fallacy is that drivers have a right to be angry and be aggressive towards cyclists because some cyclists run red lights.

Perhaps the most troubling part about this statement is that it’s often made by cyclists themselves to other cyclists. The last thing cyclists need is other cyclists justifying road rage against cyclists based on some motorist utopian dream world where every cyclist puts their foot down at a stop sign before proceeding.

Given how popular it is to chastise cyclists in the mainstream media – while giving motorists a free ride – it was refreshing to see an article highlighting the hypocrisy of motorists who say cyclists don’t deserve respect on our streets until they start obeying the laws like motorists.

via theurbancountry.com

Nice article highlighting the hypocrisy of motorists who blow off the whole notion of sharing the road with cyclists because some cyclists don’t follow the rules. As opposed to people driving cars, who are always in 100-per-cent compliance with all traffic laws.

Oh, I’m sorry. Am I sparking up the War on the Car again?

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