More on the so-called “anti-Semitic incident” at York

Grunfeld said Tuesday she may have misunderstood the context and intent of Johnston’s remarks, but that fact is insignificant.

“The words, ‘Jews should be sterilized’ still came out of his mouth, so regardless of the context I still think that’s pretty serious.”

Grunfeld also expressed skepticism that Johnston was in fact Jewish.

Asked directly by a reporter whether she believes Johnston is lying, she was unclear.

“Whether he is or is not, no one will know,” she said. “… Maybe he thought because he is Jewish he can talk smack about other Jews.”


OK, one more question: who the hell is this kid, and why in god’s name is anyone with more than two brain cells even listening to her, let alone taking her seriously? This is how stupidity gets mainstreamed.

My god, this is a university student? She’s actually had time to calm down and think about this, and she’s still arguing that context doesn’t matter? What the hell are these kids learning? Whatever it is, it can’t be basic reasoning, evaluation of evidence, or critical thought. If this is how they’re preparing for citizenship, we’re in deeper trouble than I thought.

H/t Let Freedom Rain.

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