Idiot Tracker: Threats against climate scientists: Phil Jones’ inbox

Glenn Tamblyn at Skeptical Science flags the University of East Anglia’s release of threats and hate mail sent to Phil Jones. PDF here, examples below:

1. “Subject: Kill yourself scum Fuck you for your lies and deceit. You deserve to die. And if you don’t take your own life, I fucking hope somebody does it for you.”

2. “Your children and family will know because we know where you live. expect us at your door to say hello ^-(”

3. “Faggots like you will be dealt with, as now people know what you need and will beat the living shit out of you every time you show your socialist ass in public. I’d kill you in a second if given the chance. . . . I’m now going to take physical action against you. You deserve it you fucking prick!”

A short break from Toronto politics and a momentary diversion.

Not much point in rehashing all the arguments about climate change or the denial industry, but really, one has to wonder about winding people up like this. If there’s anything to be gained by cultivating ignorance, hatred and belligerent stupidity beyond short-term profits, I’d sure love to know what it is.

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