Hyphens or underscores? Perhaps Coriolanus should decide

Not sure why my cursor is all the way over here, but it doesn’t matter, because all I want to see is whether the URL is going to have hyphens or underscores. Seems to default to hyphens, which is good, because those are better for web crawlers. They recognize them as word separators, which isn’t true for hyphens.


You common cry of curs! whose breath I hate

As reek o’ the rotten fens, whose loves I prize
As the dead carcasses of unburied men
That do corrupt my air, I banish you;
And here remain with your uncertainty!
Let every feeble rumour shake your hearts!
Your enemies, with nodding of their plumes,
Fan you into despair! Have the power still
To banish your defenders; till at length
Your ignorance, which finds not till it feels,
Making not reservation of yourselves,
Still your own foes, deliver you as most
Abated captives to some nation
That won you without blows! Despising,
For you, the city, thus I turn my back:
There is a world elsewhere.

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