Climate-change denial made even stupider

Sonny Bono’s Brother, Cui

By: John Caruso

When it comes to global warming denial, this has always been my favorite accusation:

Did you ever think that many of the scientists could be in error? I guess not. The falsifying of data probably didn’t enter your little minds. Perhaps the data was changed to get more grants? Follow the money.

This is what it means to be a conservative*: you think it’s obvious that 98% of climate scientists are falsifying data and/or supporting transparently bogus theories because they want to get their greedy little hands on some of that sweet, sweet grant money, while at the same time recognizing no financial incentive whatsoever on the part of oil company-funded “skeptics”—much less the oil companies themselves.

God, I love the internet sometimes. Although, again, I wouldn’t associate this kind of headuptheassness with genuine conservatism.

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