Can’t reach the deplorables: a memo to my progressive American friends

As I write this, Joe Biden’s electoral-vote count has been pegged at 264. They haven’t actually called it yet, but pretty much everyone knows where this is going.

We’ve all read about how this has been much closer than expected, and the anticipated overwhelming repudiation of the Orange Plague Lesion and all he stands for hasn’t happened. I’ve been going on on the Book of Face about this, so it’s only fair that I spell it out. It’s not too complicated.

My dear progressive, thoughtful, and decent American friends, there’s one overarching lesson you need to draw from this. It’s based on three observations:

  1. A good solid chunk of the electorate — 40, 45 per cent — voted for Trump knowing what he is and what he stands for. Call them whatever you like — MAGA morons, deplorables, white trash — but that’s who they are, and they’re not going away. That isn’t going to change, regardless of how far right or left the Democrats tack. There will be no bringing them back to the good side, and no siphoning off any of the MAGA vote.
  2. You won’t reach them with arguments about the economy, agriculture, industrial policy, infrastructure … whatever. They don’t care about any of that as long as the people they hate are getting hurt. They’re called deplorables for a reason.
  3. They believe all kinds of crazy shit. They hate you and they want to kill you. And they have guns.

Remember the old saying, “when someone shows you who they are, believe them?”

No more talk of “reaching out” or “bringing people together.” Time to deal with this for what it is, and plan accordingly. That’s strategic. Tactically, you might want to arm up and prepare to return fire.








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