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As Cityslikr says, it’s Internet to the rescue.

As we buckle down for budget season, I’m reminded of what Val Sears reportedly said as the 1962 federal election campaign kicked off. “Gentlemen, we have a government to defeat.” (The caveat, of course, is that this is coming from the internet, which is why I’m using the word “reportedly.”)

Students of history may recall that in that election, John Diefenbaker’s Tory majority was reduced to a minority, with Lester Pearson’s Liberals forming the official opposition. (Other things worth noting: it was the NDP’s first national campaign. Voter turnout, according to Wikipedia, was 79 percent. Just saying.)

We are facing a municipal administration whose instruments of choice for public finances apparently run the gamut from chainsaws to meat cleavers. If you’re inferring from this that Team Ford isn’t displaying much in the way of fiscal finesse or sense of community, well, I won’t try to convince you otherwise. Add to that the fact that the Big! Scary! Crippling! $774-million deficit they’re throwing around (amplified by the howler monkeys of the tabloid press) isn’t necessarily based in fact or reality and you get a sense of what we’re dealing with.

As I may have said: Long War.

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