Audio: The Protest Chaplains’ prayer vigil at Occupy Toronto

Further to last night’s post.

Pretty hard to get decent video at night with an inexpensive camera, so I stripped out the audio. I’m not especially religious, but for whatever it’s worth, I thought it was incredibly moving. Bearing witness, in the sight of God, and all that. Simple, straightforward and bearing authentic moral clarity.

Thought it was worth posting in light of some schmuck’s characterization of the Occupiers as an “evil presence.” Talk about desperation.

Perhaps they can go minister to Sue Ann at her occupation …

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One Comment

  1. msevansmith
    November 22, 2011

    Just to clarify, though I am from the United Church, the prayer vigils are being held by the Occupy Toronto Protest Chaplains *not* the United church. could the title be changed?Thanks for posting this though! It means a lot to me to have it to hold and to share!Blessings and Solidarity

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