ANOTHER gun massacre. Seriously, I’ve got nothing

No, really. In what other country does this go on?

And on, and on, and on?

If a massacre of schoolchildren isn’t enough to break the pattern, well …

As I posted on Facebook:

Pretty much says everything that the discourse in the wake of the latest massacre is all about “if people in the crowd had returned fire” or “now is not the time to politicize this” instead of “STOP LETTING EVERYBODY HAVE GUNS FOR FUCK’S SAKES.”

And also:

In what world do we respond to a massacre with “what if the concertgoers had been carrying sniper rifles?”

No thoughts, no prayers. Enough. No thinkpieces, no meditations, no sententious analysis. Please. Lauren Collette‘s got it just about pitch-perfect:

I am tired of watching you spew hate at other races, religions, and cultures, while you are the ones that are dangerous. You are the ones who are killing each other.

I really can’t add anything. Last word goes to Andy Partridge of XTC …

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