This site began with a soft launch in July, 2016, repurposing content written for LinkedIn and elsewhere. With the steady generation of more content, the strategy has evolved; the blog is now the site of first resort, with links from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Medium. We’ll be adding other channels as appropriate.

There’s nothing complicated about my SEO strategy. There are techniques, and best practices, and maybe even fads, but I won’t be buying links, trolling for likes, or looking for other quick fixes. Growing readership depends, as it always has, on producing quality content on a regular and consistent basis. That’s been central to my previous online presences, and I’m carrying it over into this one as well.

My writing tends to focus on certain themes: clarity, authenticity, critical thinking, and so on. Sometimes it bounces off the news, sometimes things just crystallize, but no matter what I’m writing about, I’m committed to thoughtful and respectful engagement.

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Recent posts

  • #Twitterfail, via Alexandra Brodsky
    #Twitterfail, via Alexandra Brodsky
  • Tyranny of the number-crunchers
    Tyranny of the number-crunchers
  • Bye-bye, Blundstones
    Bye-bye, Blundstones
  • Lessons from a pair of diving tragedies
    Lessons from a pair of diving tragedies

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